Deciding to downsize after living in our home for 50 years was difficult for us. However, Ray Acheson, manager at Rosewood, was instrumental in helping us create a house plan that met our individual needs. "We can do that!" became a catch phrase that we heard from Ray every time we requested an alteration to the house plan. We wanted more interior space after choosing an open design; we wanted to incorporate an antique cabinet into the kitchen space; we wanted a larger garage; we wanted changes like window placement. Ray made those changes possible and met with us every time we called. He kept us informed of the progress, even calling us in California on a daily basis. He addressed our concerns and was knowledgeable about the work in progress. We are indebted to him for his concern and efforts in helping us plan our senior retirement home.

On a cold, snowy day, Dec. 23rd, we moved into our home and found the house to be extremely comfortable, well insulated and warm. The changes we requested have made our home exactly as we planned. We feel fortunate to have such friendly neighbors and look forward to our life at Rosewood.

Barry & Jimmy Johnson

Ellensburg, Washington

Rosewood is not only a place, it's a lifestyle.  During the seven years I have lived here, it has not been unusual to hear a resident say, "I love living in Rosewood."  Well so do I and for so many reasons.  First of all, this is a community of retired people who bring together many various backgrounds and interests.  In spite of the diversity, however, we enjoy our social activities together and the valuable friendships we have made.  The location is unbeatable.  We are very close to shopping and a hospital and medical facilities, and, of course, Central Washington University.  Rosewood is also a perfect location for taking a walk or riding a bicycle where there is little or no traffic.  The well-maintained yards and beautiful flowers are a constant pleasure.  I feel a certain safety here surrounded by my wonderful friends and neighbors!

Bonnie Allen

Ellensburg, Washington

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